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What It Feels Like To Change (EPUB)

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"When change is something that we want, when change is something that we intentionally seek out, we still have to bear it."

Mental health is rising to prominence as an important social concern. And millions of so-called healthy people strive to live better and happier.

These essays examine how psychotherapy actually works, and in so doing show its relevance for each of us, depressed or not.

What It Feels Like To Change is a series of short pieces about life through the therapeutic lens that makes psychotherapy relevant to all of us. It opens up new ways of understanding the relationship between therapist and client and presents a unique set of possibilities for growth and change.

The book includes all writing on The Good Therapists from inception through to May 2015 including the popular articles, "What It Feels Like To Change", and "Are You Emotionally Healthy?", and "How To Prepare For Your Therapy Session".

I have written an original preface for this edition which talks about the origins of this writing project and some of my thoughts on its meaning.

I see this book as a good gift for someone interested in therapy, a thoughtful addition to a therapist's waiting room, and an overall thought-provoking read for those who are interested in change, self-reflection, and growth.

The book is 64 pages.

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